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"I thought my team was perfectly aligned -- until I asked them what our top opportunities and challenges are, and got six different answers from six different members of the team." (Quote from on of our clients CEO)

There are basically two major types of alignment in an organisation.

First of all the Executive Board and the operational top management layers must be fully aligned on the strategy, the derived goals for the company and the main initiatives to execute the strategy in the upcoming business year.


Secondly the assets, the resources, the organisation, the business processes and the supporting IT systems must be aligned to implement the strategy.


If one of these two interconnected alignments is not prepared well the company is acting way below its capabilities and is destroying value instead of reaching its goals

Our Advisory Services


  • Preparation and support of Management Strategy- and Offsite meetings

  • Support of Management teams with Strategy Execution activities

  • Design and Initiation of Corporate Change initiatives 

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