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In today's workplace the simple "T-shape person" is out

Executives need at least #5T 's...

The concept of T-shaped skills is a metaphor used in job recruitment, mainly by large #consultingfirms to describe the abilities of persons in their teams.

Based on customer workshops with executive teams last year to update them how to apply important methodologies in their strategic projects, I summarized my view in the attached #5T diagram which summarizes the important #transformationskills which needs to be combined in today's complex environments to run #transformation projects within time & budget (and without losing 50% of your workforce within these projects).

1️⃣ #StrategicPlanning - the basic skill to craft, document and most importantly - communicate a corporate of unit strategy

2️⃣ #DesignThinking - one of the most underrated skills of Managers - helps to create new ideas and can massively support complex transformation projects

3️⃣ #FinancialPlanning - A must have for Managers to properly plan and assess Transformation programs

4️⃣ #ProjectManagement - A solid understanding of traditional and agile #pmtools is a must have - also for Executives

5️⃣ #ChangeManagement - In addition with the methods listed above it is mainly about a proper and sustainable communication within a transformation program

If your Leadership team needs a "refresher" on these important tools and how to combine them in corporate transformations - we are ready to facilitate this process.

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