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Design Thinking comes out of Age - and yes - it is important for the C-Suite

Aktualisiert: 13. Apr. 2023

Do Executives have to understand #DesignThinking and #Agile?

During the preparation phase of an Executive Workshop about the 'must have' skills in management methods, I came across this older but great cover from Harvard Business Review, which showed the importance of DesignThinking - not only for product design. DesignThinking concepts should long have been an integrated part of #csuiteconversations along discussions about strategy, branding, digital and corporate transformations.

Many Executives still see this discipline as a nice to have and do not understand the power of it.

But - as with other frameworks and methodologies - it needs to be combined with other approaches to really create impact. In combination with modern #projectmanagment methods, #agile aproaches and #changemanagement processes, Design Thinking is a very powerful approach to manage transformations in complex organisational structures.

Decomplexity Europe trains Executive Teams in understanding and using modern Management Frameworks and tools like:


Modern Projectmanagement

Design Thinking

Agile Scaling

Transformation Management

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